The STI Digital Yieldmeter is combining the SDM and the STI flowmeter in one clear screen. The overview gives you a comfortable tool en enables you to maximize the dredging efficiency.

The meter shows the density in tons per m3, flow in meters per second and the production in tons per second.

Other information on the panel is optional and on demand.


The STI panel is built with:

  • 8 inch webpanel HMI touchscreen
  • PLC modular with CPU
  • Built in steel cabinet 400x400x110 mm


The Arenal-STI Non-Nuclear Slurry Density Analyser is used in the following industries:

  • Mineral handling
  • Dredging


The Arenal-STI Slurry Density Analyser uses the latest communication technology making it the most efficient non-nuclear slurry density analyser solution available on the market today.

Arenal-STI is the only supplier worldwide of ceramic-probe based density analysers. The probe is wear resistant for even the most abrasive slurries.
Remote monitoring and adjustment guarantees the most efficient and cost-effective solution.

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