Non-nuclear Density Analyser

STI is proud to present a new generation  non-nuclear density meter
STI-Arenal non-nuclear density analysers based on ultrasonic technology.

After years of being successful as the only alternative for nuclear technology in density measurement of abrasive slurries we introduce the STI-Arenal Non-nuclear Slurry Density Analyser.

STI is implementing and commissioning the instruments world wide.

Ultrasonic Sonochemistry is an acoustical physical property technology, offering long term stability. High energy pulses are induced into the piezo element: an ultrasonic wave arises and propagates through the sensor and the slurry: the reflections from the interface between the element and the slurry, as well as from the reflector are measured.

The reflection properties change due to the temperature and the properties of the slurry, of which density is one. All acoustic properties are read by the process control analyzer (PCA). In the PCA the concentration of the slurry is calculated.


The Arenal-STI Non-Nuclear Slurry Density Analyser is used in the following industries:

  • Mineral handling
  • Dredging


The Arenal-STI Slurry Density Analyser uses the latest communication technology making it the most efficient non-nuclear slurry density analyser solution available on the market today.

Arenal-STI is the only supplier worldwide of ceramic-probe based density analysers. The probe is wear resistant for even the most abrasive slurries.
Remote monitoring and adjustment guarantees the most efficient and cost-effective solution.

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