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EDF (Electricite de France) was looking for replacement of the nuclear density analyser. STI was approached early in the winter of 17/18 by the main contractor Watertracks to cooperate in a comparison test with 3 offering non-nuclear solutions.
STI entered this invitation and participated in the comparative test. In St. Pierre d’Allevard the solutions were tested for 4 weeks. The test consisted of analyzing the sediment dredged up from the reservoir. Representatives of EDF were present during the entire test period and carried out control tests in the specially equipped laboratory.
STI’s position clearly came out as a excellent alternative solution for the nuclear measurement technique . The test results came close to the reference measurements of the EDF test lab.
An additional advantage is that non-nuclear technology offered by STI is more cost-efficient and is allowed anywhere in the world. In addition, there is a decrease in overhead costs in connection with this, apply for permits, refresher courses for staff and replacement costs for nuclear technology.

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