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Beens Dredging got the assignment to remove a certain amount of sludge from the port in Amsterdam to ensure a safe passage for ships. The operator of the ship wants to fill the hopper with sand  as quickly as possible to reduce the total time spent on this project. A density meter was needed to monitor the real-time density of the sludge.


The SDM is a good solution for this measuring task, because of its reliable, stable and real-time measurement results.
The instrument uses non-nuclear technology, so there are no additional safety costs or governmental restrictions.
The density meter is used in combination with a flow meter to determine the optimal dredging condition. The density and flow rate are both shown at a (digital) cross meter in the wheelhouse. This cross meter helps the operator to execute a dredging session more efficiently, resulting in a reduction of the total project time and accordingly also the costs.

Measuring task

Determination of sludge density behind the suction pump.

Pipe diameter: 508 mm (20 inch)
Pipe material: Steel
Solids: 10 – 35 wt%
Density: 1 – 1.4 ton/m3
Temperature: 5°C – 25°C (41°F – 77°F)

Instrument used

SDM – slurry density meter. Installed in a pipe by means of a metal weld-on piece (weldolet).


The SDM contributes too:
• Determination of the optimal dredging condition
• Efficient completion of the dredging session
• Reduction of time and money spent on a project
• Quicker response to changing process conditions
• Less obstruction of the pump


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