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After a long time of research, development and preparation, the companies STI/Arenal and Boskalis Nederland BV took on the challenge to compare the Nuclear- and the Ultrasonic density meter for the  dredging industry. For this demonstration Boskalis chose the vessel ZZ Rhenus working on the project “Strandeiland“ near Amsterdam.

Main target

Demonstrating the accuracy between a nuclear density meter and an STI/Arenal ultrasonic density meter, for a period of 3 months.
• Pipe diameter: 600mm
• Pipe material: steel
• Density: 1-1,8 ton/m³
• Temperature: 12-20 ˚C

Technical solution

STI/Arenal mounted the Slurry Density Analyser (SDA) on the Boskalis vessel ZZ Rhenus in the month of August.
The start date of the test was on the 28th of august 2018. During the demonstration the meters where both logged several times. Detailed results of the logs can be found in attached PDF.
We proved that there is no difference between the two measure methods.
The density meter was used in combination with a ultrasonic flowmeter and both measurements were shown on the digital cross meter in the wheelhouse of the vessel.

Please click the link for the brochure with full test results



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