Our line-up of dredging instruments

Dredging Instruments

The SDA can be easily combined with our other dredging instruments.
The Sludge Density Analyser makes a great combination with theĀ  STI Flowmeter and the STI Digital Yieldmeter to maximize dredging efficiency.
To enhance operational safety and to avoid clogging of the discharge pipe.


The Arenal-STI Non-Nuclear Slurry Density Analyser is used in the following industries:

  • Mineral handling
  • Dredging


The Arenal-STI Slurry Density Analyser uses the latest communication technology making it the most efficient non-nuclear slurry density analyser solution available on the market today.

Arenal-STI is the only supplier worldwide of ceramic-probe based density analysers. The probe is wear resistant for even the most abrasive slurries.
Remote monitoring and adjustment guarantees the most efficient and cost-effective solution.

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